Experience the magic of Christmas at Settlers Lifestyle Village

Our vibrant, connected community takes the festivities to the next level, creating an uplifting atmosphere that keeps spirits high!

At Settlers Lifestyle Village (Settlers), we understand that Christmas is not just about marking the occasion but coming together as a community. Celebrating as a community that feels like extended family is one of the things that makes our village so unique.

What’s on offer?

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So, what does Settlers’ offer during this festive season? The whole package – bow and ribbon included! Our residents come together to decorate the Christmas tree, just like a family would. Balconies are adorned with festive decorations and there is carolling on the green, creating a fun, festive atmosphere.

Our calendar is filled with a variety of special events, like a Christmas-themed Barbershop ensemble, a religious presentation and a moving remembrance service.

In a heartwarming gesture, our residents even cook for the staff, giving them a night off and providing burgers and chips.

We also organize numerous Christmas gatherings throughout the village, and residents have the option to order a takeaway dinner for Christmas Eve or attend a special residents’ Christmas dinner. No one needs to feel alone on the actual day either, as residents gather on Christmas day for nibbles and drinks.

But it’s not just about the activities.

It’s about feeling connected

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We also understand that Christmas is about more than just marking the season. It’s about connecting and coming together, especially for those residents that may feel lonely or isolated.

At Settlers’, fostering connections and a sense of togetherness is our strength, and Christmas is the perfect time to showcase it

Social connection is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a need-to-have. It’s widely known that social isolation can impact both our physical and psychological health. From birth, we are wired to connect with others. However, as we age, social circles can shrink, leaving us vulnerable to feelings of loneliness and isolation. We retire from work, our kids move away, and loved ones pass on. These feelings can be heightened at Christmas time. That’s why we focus on bringing people together even more so now.

What if I’m not social?

That’s fine too. There is comfort in knowing you are not alone, and you can participate in activities if you want. If you prefer fewer interactions and smaller gatherings, you can attend one for a shorter time, or participate in your building’s Christmas event rather than one for the entire village. You can also join a women’s or men’s only celebration. Just know that there is support and company if you choose it.

Why is feeling connected at Christmas important?

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Research shows that feeling connected is a key factor in overall health and well-being, rivalling the impact of smoking, exercise, and healthy eating. Social relationships significantly predict longevity by as much as 50%. To learn more about this research, please refer to an earlier article entitled “Living Well and being well go hand-in-hand”.

The staff at Settlers are really wonderful . . . They put their heart and soul into this complex, and make sure everyone is happy and joining in. There is even a get-together for men, they bring us together for a meeting once a week. No one is isolated . . . You live longer if you aren’t.”
Precious McKenzie, resident

Christmas is a time when families and friends come together for celebrations, and we consider ourselves one big family.

Supporting our residents during their retirement years is a great honor for us. During Christmas, we are even more aware of our role in supporting them. Our residents may be spending Christmas alone, some may have lost a spouse or have children far away, and we play an important role in being there for them.

Visit our special village during this special time of year, so you can experience the magic of Christmas for yourself and experience what it’s like to be part of a community that cares.