Why Laughter Is the World’s Best Medicine

It’s one of the most common phrases out there, sowe often don’t think twice when people say, “laughter is the best medicine”—most will just roll their eyes at this comment and move on with their day, but what many don’t know is just how true it is.

If you’re part of an independent senior living establishment, you’re probably quite familiar with medicine, but today we aim to open your eyes to the number of benefits a good laugh can offer your body and mind.

Improves Your Mood

Starting with the obvious, laughter is incredibly good for your mood. A nice little giggle is enough to lighten your mood and distract your brain from any stress or negative feelings at that moment. Laughing is extremely beneficial for your mental health as being able to laugh immediately makes you feel more positive. The movement and increased oxygen intake that laughing creates a strong body-mind connection which in turn brings on a more positive outlook on day to day life. If you can enjoy a good laugh the joys of life will become more obvious, making laughter a valuable way to cope with the world around you. A sense of humour truly is a vital tool for protecting and improving our mental health, especially as we grow older.

Natural Pain Killer

One of the lesser-known benefits of laughing is the natural painkilling properties it can deliver. It may sound slightly ridiculous, but it’s true; the natural chemicals that are released with laughter have been proven to relieve pain. It may not be the strongest painkiller around, but it’s enough to make clear the potential healing power that laughing holds.

Stress Relief

Stress can have dramatic negative impacts on our health and can lead to major health complications. Stress is actually key for survival—a healthy stress-response is a good sign—but too much stress can weaken the immune system and raise blood pressure, contributing to fatigue, depression, anxiety and even heart disease. Excess epinephrine, more commonly known as adrenaline, can reduce healthy heart function over time.

But never fear! Laughing has been proven to decrease stress hormones, such as cortisol, which means that having a laugh with yourself, your neighbours, or even your cat is enough to bring down your stress levels and help you keep a clear mind. A decent giggle will also assist in relaxing your muscles and relieving tension, further helping reduce stress by putting you in a more relaxed state. Tension in the mind and body can often become a feedback loop, with each making the other worse, but laughter can help us break the cycle.

Burns Calories

As with its painkilling properties laughing isn’t by any means the most effective way to burn calories, but it does burn them! After exercising all night, you often feel Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS, in the morning. Have you ever spent a night out with friends, laughing non-stop, just to wake up tired and sore? Well, it’s because laughing is an exercise! Studies have shown that a 10 to 15-minute giggle can burn up to 50 calories, so skip the gym and put a comedy on—it’s workout time.

Get Your Laughing Medicine at Settlers

Whether you stressed, in pain, or upset, laughter can help. Our Albany retirement villages are a perfect place to meet new friends, crack new jokes, and spend your days laughing and enjoying life. Contact us today to see how Settlers Lifestyle Villages could enrich your life today.