Simple Tips to Prevent Falling at Home

As we get older, staying up and active on our own two feet can be a feat in itself, especially for independent seniors living at home. There are several ways we can make sure our homes are as safe as possible, so we can get moving and stay on top of our busy lives without fear of falling.

While many retirement homes in Auckland offer help around the house, it pays to know how you can trip-proof your home, so you don’t have to suffer falls, only the occasional fool! Here are some simple tips to prevent falling at home.

Remove Any Tripping Hazards

Let’s start with a simple tip to prevent falling at home: scour your home for any potential obstacles or hazards. Look out for the electrical cords snaking around the sitting room, move the magazine rack and rig the rugs with adhesive tape so they stay snugly on the floor without any pesky slipping or sliding.

Once the major hazards are out of the way, pay attention to the little things. Are there any spills or potentially slippery areas to be aware of? We should aim for a full home audit to ensure our house is hazard-free. Plus, it gives us a chance to do a little spring clean up of any clutter!

Get Grab-bars and Handrails Installed

Speaking of slips, another top tip to prevent falling in the home is installing grab-bars or handrails around high-slip areas. The bathroom is a great place to start. Installing a handrail next to the toilet or a grab bar in the shower gives us some security and confidence as we navigate our living spaces.

Shower seats are also great options for those wanting security around water or slippery high-hazard areas. For a little extra security, try non-slip mats around any wet spaces or even the tiles in the kitchen!

Light Up Your Life (and Your Home)

It may sound like a simple tip but bringing in some extra lighting is an effective way to prevent falls or knocking into things. Our lifestyle retirement homes are great because they already have quality lighting solutions to suit senior needs. But if your home needs a little extra brightness, it’s a worthwhile investment!

As we get older, so do our eyes, and no matter how many carrots we’ve eaten in our lives, it may not be as easy to see the little things anymore. A well-lit home means we can confidently move around with ease. For example, putting sensor lights in the hallway that light up only when you walk by will keep you safe and save power.

Wear Shoes to Sure Your Footing

Non-slip soles are a great way to sure up your footing and have you treading confidently around your abode. Ensuring our shoes fit correctly is also key. Your feet should be snug and secure, without any slip-sliding around.

Laces are another hidden hazard that can be removed to prevent unnecessary trips around the house. Velcro shoes are a great option to secure your feet, and even save time tying! It’s a win/win situation.

Stay Mobile and Keep Moving!

One of the best simple tips to prevent falling in the home is just to stay mobile and keep moving! Being active keeps our bodies strong and healthy, meaning we’re less likely to slip in the first place. Regular walking and some light resistance training will increase our bone density, increase the calcium in our bones, and keep our brains alert to watch out for any potential hazards.

If we do have a surprise fall, stronger bones and muscles recover quicker and injuries tend to be less severe. So, pick up a racket, go for a walk or even a light cycle – it’ll get you outside and keep you safer inside too.

Keep on Your Feet in Lifestyle Retirement

Be confident on your feet with these simple tips to prevent falls around the home. Settlers Village offers independent senior living accommodation which means you can feel safe with 24/7 medical support and maximised independence.

Settlers Village is a retirement home in Auckland with a lovely community atmosphere, that allows you to keep your lifestyle without compromising on safety and health. Settler’s Village has a range of apartments to suit your living situation, get in touch with the team for a tour, or more information on what’s on offer.