Heart and soul resides at Settlers

We live in a safe environment where every care and concern is taken into account. The staff are kind, thoughtful and helpful. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

I am in solitary lockdown during Level 4 of Covid-19 and immensely grateful that I live in this vibrant community.

The well-being and mental health of residents appears to be high and is taken seriously. The Nursing staff are excellent and diligent. Those who may be anxious are supported and spirits are lifted.

Meals are ordered and delivered. Parcels are delivered to our doorstep. There are occasional surprises of chocolate brownies and shortbread hearts which bring tears of appreciation.

I never cease to appreciate the diligence with which the grounds of Settlers are taken care of. Beautiful trees and plants which lift our spirits. Most of us are aware of how incredibly fortunate we are to be in Aotearoa especially at this unprecedented time.

Many residents have adopted a daily constitution and there are lovely walks in Nature. Safety rules are strictly abided by and we have a guard at the entrance of Settlers. We are energised and inspired!

Heart and soul appear to be the underlying principles within which staff and residents flourish.

Chris Griffiths