Enjoying every single day

I have resided in Settlers Life Style Village for 12 years and can give testament to the fact that I have enjoyed every day of those years, with still more to fulfil and enjoy. Initially I was working five days a week in three different fulltime occupations. Socially I always had a full calendar, including many of the activities which residents in the Village initiate. I was on several committees such as the active Residents Committee and was one of the original Executive members of the Bar Committee. Interests include Keep Fit exercises with resident and famous Precious McKenzie, and I’ve always loved being on stage in our wonderful and Stage Shows. Having worked in many residential village homes on the North Shore with foot care I have always found both Settlers and Fairview Life style Villages outstanding, especially with fantastic staff, and the friendliness. This sentiment is always commented on from any of our visitors. The accolades are too many to list.

Philippa Zink