Retired & Ready for Something New?

While many of us look forward to retirement, it’s not uncommon to be unsure what to do with all the newfound freedom and spare time. That’s why in this blog, we’re talking about how to make the most of our golden years! Read on to learn how to enjoy your freedom to the fullest, and discover the perks of living in lifestyle retirement villages.

1. Take up New Hobbies & Learn New Skills

Retirement is the perfect time to focus on your favourite pastimes, or even take up new hobbies! Working life is taxing and time-consuming; often, we can end up unintentionally putting our interests on hold, and prioritising other things. That all changes when you reach retirement—learning and improving our skills is what motivates us and keeps the mind young!

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to start prioritising your hobbies again. If you’ve always had a curiosity for photography or art, indulge in that curiosity now! Alternatively, if you’ve always wanted to try dancing, gardening, or reading your way through a stack of the best historical novels ever written, now is your chance. Think about what interests you have, and start doing things you’ve always been curious about, but never had time for.

2. Prioritise Your Mental & Physical Health

A retired lifestyle is not only the perfect time to start prioritising your interests, it also gives you an excellent opportunity to focus on your health and wellbeing. Some of the ways you can do this include focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing, maintaining a healthy diet, and keeping on top of your health check-ups.

Physical Wellbeing

While staying physically fit and active is important for all ages, it is especially important for seniors. This is because as we age, our body naturally slows down, and our muscles start to weaken. Muscles are essential contributors to our balance and bone health, and strengthening them will provide you with countless benefits. Not only will strong muscles improve your bone density and mobility, they will also keep your heart healthy, boost your immune system, and improve your ability to recover from injury.

Mental Wellbeing

While we all know that staying healthy and strong is key to a good life, less commonly known are the health benefits of keeping your mind active. Seniors who regularly partake in hobbies that are mentally challenging—like reading, chess, or learning a new language—are more likely to maintain and improve their mental clarity, sharpness, and memory.

Diet & Nutrition

Besides maintaining our mental and physical health through hobbies and activities, another key component of a healthy lifestyle is diet. Consuming foods that provide the best nutrients will help you in all areas of your life. Nutrient-rich food can help improve your concentration, immunity, and recovery time, to name just a few benefits, so make sure that the foods going into your body are as nutritious as they are delicious!

Regular Health Check-Ups

Our final health tip is for you to attend regular health check-ups, such as blood pressure checks, vaccinations, and eye exams. This is a great way to stay organised and on top of your health. Your doctor will be able to stay fully informed and up to date on your wellbeing, and will also be in the best position to spot any irregularities early.

3. Stay Social

When entering retirement, maintaining a social lifestyle might be hard, but it is one of the main things every senior should prioritise. To some, a social life might sound less important than taking care of physical health and wellbeing, but this is not the case. Maintaining regular social interaction is proven to increase happiness, have a positive effect on general wellbeing, and lower the risk of mental health issues like depression.
While finding a supportive community to be a part of can be difficult, especially if you live on your own, or feel disconnected from the society around you, there are plenty of ways you can improve your quality of life and social surroundings. Moving into a lifestyle retirement village is a great example of how one could do this.

Enjoy Your Finer Years in Lifestyle Retirement

For seniors ready to turn a new leaf and start a new chapter in their life, joining the supportive community of a lifestyle village is an excellent choice. As we get older, we have less energy to expend throughout the day, which can make it harder to accomplish everything we want to do. Thanks to the services retirement villages like Settlers can provide, you don’t have to worry about the little things, such as housekeeping, or gardening. Retirement villages also provide you with excellent access to recreational and leisure facilities, making it easy for residents to maintain a lively, social lifestyle.

Join Our Friendly Albany Retirement Village

If you’re ready to get the support you need and live in a warm and welcoming community, Settlers is the Albany retirement village for you. Live your life in ultimate luxury with our onsite recreational and leisure facilities, including restaurant/café and bar areas, a pool and gym area, a purpose-built movie theatre, and more! Explore Settlers online now, and learn about the perks of lifestyle retirement. You can also get in contact with us today to register your interest and book a tour of the area!