Redefining Our Sense of Purpose As We Age

Contrary to popular belief, knowing your purpose in life is not just important when you’re young. Rediscovering your purpose is important throughout your life, and it can be challenging for many elders to rediscover purpose and meaning when they feel like they have passed the important milestones in life. As you grow older, things gradually change – from your health and lifestyle, to your routine.

Accepting the aging process can look different for many seniors. The truth is, there are many ways to renew your purpose as you age. Today, we delve into the importance of conscious aging to help you redefine your sense of purpose.

Why finding a sense of purpose is important

When you were young the world seemed full of endless possibilities. But what about when you grow older, what happens after your career stops and you’re done raising your children? Does this mean the end of living a meaningful life? Well, not necessarily. Research published in an article by Berkeley shows that gaining a sense of purpose in life is just as important for midlife adults and seniors.

Research from the University of Michigan shows that older adults who find meaning in their life generally achieve better physical health and well-being. Aside from improved physical fitness, purposeful adults also display better cognitive function and greater longevity. When you start to live a meaningful life, the more likely you are to exercise, look after yourself, attend your doctor’s appointments, and so on.

Why age is just a number

When it comes to pursuing our purpose, age doesn’t matter. According to an article from Wired Insider, individuals under their 30s consider themselves as being old when they hit 60. Those in their 60s define being old as hitting 74. This goes to show that age is just a number. There’s no specific marker of old age because most individuals tend to feel younger than their age.

The more crucial factor is what you feel inside. Conscious aging teaches adults to see aging as full of potential for purpose, growth, and service to the community. When you start to acknowledge that you can still help others and find meaning in what you do, the more you’re able to foster a meaningful life.

Ways to find your purpose as you age

  • Continue to do what you love
    Older adults may find that they’re still able to continue the work they love to do. While some may find retirement a chance to pursue personal creative endeavours, others may grab it as an opportunity to start a second career. Ultimately, retirement is a chance for older adults to continue the work that they love as it also provides a way to earn income and sustain independent senior living. Older adults also find meaning in volunteering at a charity or non-profit organisation.
  • Help others
    Sharing your skills and contributing to society is a great way to find purpose. The thing to ask yourself is, “what can I do or what skills can I share for the betterment of my community?”

    Whether you want to take up a social cause or simply help your neighbours and friends with their home improvement projects, no cause is too small when you decide to help out and live life for others.

  • Build friendships and nurture relationships
    Many older people find meaning in relationships. That may be with your spouse, friends, children, or grandchildren. Taking care of your loved ones is an excellent way to lead a purposeful life.
  • Stay strong and healthy
    But it’s not enough to take care of others, you also have to look out for yourself! Prioritising your health and wellbeing is an accomplishment in and of itself. You could go to the gym, hire a personal trainer, or take a scenic walk amidst nature; there are several ways to stay mentally and physically active.

Many lifestyle villages in Auckland that offer health and wellness facilities to help you stay in good physical and mental shape. Settlers Albany is a great place to reside in, as we have health and wellbeing spaces where you can relax and unknot those stiff muscles.

Live a meaningful life at Settlers!

Aging can be challenging, but isn’t meaningless, no matter how you might feel. Here at Settlers Albany, we give you the chance to lead a purposeful life within a community of like-minded people. We host outdoor social activities and a wide array of indoor activities for you to enjoy. When you live with us, you can spend time doing what you love, and engage in activities that bring you joy, purpose, and meaning. Book a tour today to learn more!