Lifestyle Villages Play A Vital Role In Well-Being – We Understand This

Lifestyle villages play a vital role in well-being – we understand this

When it comes to well-being, many factors contribute to our overall sense of happiness and fulfilment in life. But what about lifestyle villages? What role can they play in the well-being of seniors?

The residents of Settlers Lifestyle Village discuss their well-being and how living in a lifestyle village has enriched it. By sharing their experiences, we hope you will gain a better understanding of what it’s like to belong to a community that promotes social, physical, and emotional well-being.

Social Well-Being

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Socialising and solitude – the perfect blend

Settlers Lifestyle Village is the perfect place for social butterflies and introverts alike. We understand that not everyone’s the same, and that’s okay. There’s no pressure to be anyone other than who you are – our village is a relaxed and accepting place where you can be yourself.

We have about 350 friends now that we never had before.”

We often say ‘What would we be doing if we weren’t here’. I don’t think we would be as happy. We wouldn’t have the friends we have here.

You’re here just to enjoy yourself. That’s the fun of it! There is so much to do if you want to do it, and if you don’t, just stay home.

Everyone here genuinely cares about one another

There is a well-being group here. You can say ‘I’m lonely’, or someone could point to a person and say – ‘that person needs help’ and they will take you out for coffee. And you have the same support for dementia. If your husband has dementia you say ‘I can’t cope with my husband all the time’, and people take him out for an hour. And of course, you’ve got the nurse. There is a lot of care here – a lot of caring people.

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Positive energy – ‘it just feels right’

It takes more than lovely amenities to make a place feel like home. Our villages have that special something that draws people in. So many of our residents said they immediately knew this was the right village for them. There’s an energy pull, an inexplicable vibe that just feels right. It’s that feeling you get when you know you’re in a place where you truly belong.

If you ask people here they’ll say there is a vibe and on a Friday night it’s really exciting, it bubbles. We have about 150 here for happy hour.

People say – ‘your village is so different’.

We live in a lifestyle village, not a retirement village – there’s a difference you know.

Emotional Well-Being

We have more autonomy here

Many residents shared how having more autonomy enhanced their well-being. In discussing other villages, they noted that this one has more freedom. As a resident-led village, everyone has a say in what happens, creating a true sense of community and belonging.

If you want to start a group, you start it. You’re not being told ‘No you can’t because we’ve already organised it’. You just say ‘Can I have the room on a certain day’ and away you go.

“In other villages, everything is structured – but here we have more autonomy.”

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Beautiful, relaxing surroundings with top-notch facilities

Take a moment to think about how you feel when you go on holiday. Now imagine feeling that way all the time. ‘Living in a resort’, ‘staying in a hotel’, ‘being on vacation every day ‘- everyone we spoke to used these words to describe what it’s like to live here. It’s no wonder that living in a beautiful environment can do wonders for your mental and emotional well-being. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re on vacation all the time?

We walked in and went ‘wow’. There’s something really special about this place – it’s different, it’s like being at a hotel in surfers, you walk in and go ‘wow, this is lovely’.”

Apartments are beautifully renovated, and you can make them your own. You can choose your carpet, drapes, and flooring, and add small details that are important to you. Having the freedom to do that is important. This is your home and we want you to feel at home.

No maintenance worries

Maintenance issues around their homes were a big worry for many residents before they moved into our village. Here, whenever something breaks, you can call and someone will fix it.

“At my old home I saw decks cracking, fences ready to come down, the roof was starting to show signs of wear and tear, and the garden was starting to overgrow, so to come in here and be with my wife, instead of having to go and do chores, I feel a lot better”.

Fixed fees for life

Fixed fees are also a big relief for residents, especially since living costs keep going up. Settlers Lifestyle Villages fixes fees, but not all villages do.

“We are saving more money here than we were at home. Your rates aren’t going up. When something needs fixing you put a form in and it’s fixed within a day. We have two dedicated maintenance people”.

Physical Well-Being

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Staying Active, Fit and Healthy

There’s so much to do here. We had no intention of going into a lifestyle village. But once we saw what was here we changed our mind about it.”

“We are more active here than before we came.”

“The old-olds are in their 90’s, and they are just so with it and so fit and healthy.”

All the support you need with nurses on-site

Knowing that help is readily available is very reassuring. Nurses are on site 24/7, so if assistance is needed just call them or pop on down to see them.

“Four years ago Sam had a stroke. This is another thing that coming in here gives us – the opportunity for nursing, and you’ve got the alarms if anything happens.”

“There is a weight lifted off your shoulder. Once you settle in you think I should have done this sooner. People often say we should have been here 5 years earlier.”

There are many reasons that make Settlers Lifestyle Village a truly special place. Come visit us and get a feel for yourself. You’ll be shown around by our residents themselves, so you can learn first-hand what it’s like to live here.

Quotes and insights shared above were obtained from interviews conducted with residents of Premier Lifestyle Villages for a study titled – ‘An exploration of residents’ perspectives of well-being in relation to retirement village living’. Names have been withheld or changed to protect the identity of the participants.