Great Benefits of Learning a New Language

There are many great benefits to learning a new language in our senior years. Maintaining and improving our cognitive abilities as we age is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you’ve never had time to pursue your own hobbies in the past, then retired life is the perfect time to start doing so. Read about the positive effects language learning has on your mental health and wellbeing and enjoy your time living in Settlers Albany retirement village to the fullest.

1. It improves cognitive ability & confidence

While physical exercise keeps the body healthy and young, exercising the mind is equally important. Learning a foreign language challenges the brain to negotiate meaning, recognise words, and communicate in a whole new way. Therefore, conveying comprehensive meaning in an entirely different language system is challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding, a feeling everyone enjoys no matter their age.

Language learning opens us to a whole new realm of communication, and studying a foreign language regularly can not only help to sharpen the mind and increase our problem-solving abilities, it can help us improve and maintain our memory as well.

In fact, there is increasing evidence showing that bilingualism is connected with sustained mental health and can even help to stave off cognitive decline. The results of the studies showed that those who regularly used two languages (or more) throughout their lifetime developed onset dementia 4 to 5 years later than participants who only spoke one language.

2. Creates new opportunities to connect

Learning a foreign language offers the perfect opportunity to stay connected and meet new people. There are no doubts of the health benefits associated with companionship and intimacy, and as we age, maintaining social contact and connection becomes even more important for maintaining our happiness and wellbeing.

If you’re bored, or looking for new ways to connect with those around you, try learning a foreign language and its accompanying culture. You can study with a friend or attend language classes and meet like-minded people. Language is meant to be communicated, and there’s no better way of studying it than learning together. Doing so will help develop your skills and allow you to meet people who share the same passion for learning as you do.

3. Takes you out of your comfort zone

Learning about foreign languages and cultures is an adventure that is bound to take us outside of our comfort zones. Being a little uncomfortable is the perfect way to challenge ourselves to grow and gain new perspectives. In fact, challenging yourself and learning a new language will keep the mind young and will help you keep a positive and open mind towards the future.

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