Cultivating Resilience to Overcome Setbacks

The concept of resilience in older adults comes from later life experiences. It demonstrates that despite the changes, physical declines, and losses we may experience in life, cultivating resilience can help seniors feel more happy, healthy, content, and more capable of overcoming setbacks.

Let’s discuss why it’s important to develop resilience and how it can help you deal with what life throws at you.

The importance of resilience in senior life

Resilience is your ability to successfully adapt to adversity, cope with change, recover from crises, and emerge from these experiences as a better person. You can develop resilience through dealing with a multitude of problems. Sometimes it may manifest when going through a physical and mental recovery from a stressful or traumatic event. Whether it be losing a loved one, caregiving for your partners, or acquiring a disability, seniors who show resiliency have an increased ability to overcome setbacks and thrive in a world of change.

How to cultivate resilience in older adults

Even if you’re not ordinarily resilient, there are some strategies to becoming so. Here are some of the ways you can develop resiliency:

Focus on the positive

It’s important to adopt a positive attitude to become resilient. Resilient people consider adversities in life as challenges to overcome, not paralysing events. Maintaining a positive attitude despite hardships can create opportunities for growth and help you develop effective coping styles when dealing with life problems.

Maintain perspective

Resilient people demonstrate level-headedness. They know that some situations may be overwhelming to experience, but understand that these events shouldn’t make a long-term impact on their self-worth. When you gain the ability to handle your problems and are flexible enough to adapt to the changes that come with them, you’ll more likely demonstrate characteristics that lead to resilience.

Set goals

Whether you’re living with family or practising independent senior living, you should set personal goals even when you’re at a later stage in life. Setting personal goals can give you a sense of purpose. Involving yourself in activities and accomplishing them can give your life meaning and enable you to have a positive outlook of the future.

Connect with others

Making a conscious effort to engage with family, friends, or join close-knit communities allow you to make personal connections that build individual strengths and competencies. When you connect with others, you learn more about yourself, your potentials, and your gifts. It also provides you with resources to adapt to adversity, increase your self-efficacy, and persevere in the face of hardships.

Make the changes you deserve

Now that we know that resilience yields happier and healthier older adults, it’s crucial to find ways to cultivate it. Although easier said than done, incorporating behaviours that lead to resiliency in your daily life can help. Whether through personal connections or engaging in meaningful activities that give you a sense of purpose, you can develop a resilient mindset and attitude, one day at a time.

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