Benefits of Having a Furry Friend

Considering bringing a furry companion with you to live in our North Shore retirement apartments? While pets can be physically demanding and taxing to care for, with our excellent housekeeping services, Settlers residents can enjoy the vitality-boosting effects of owning a pet, without the hassle of continually tidying up after them.

But what are the benefits of having a pet in our lives, and what animals can you bring with you into your Settlers retirement home? We explain all below!

1. Fuzzy companionship

Having the loving companionship of a pet can bring you years of happiness, and even increase your health and longevity. Seniors who want to add a little warmth and quality social time to their lives should consider the perks of having a fuzzy friend! A pet can give us a feeling of purpose, not only helping us feel needed and wanted, but also helping to reduce loneliness and depression.

2. Lowers blood pressure

People who have high blood pressure are more at risk of developing illnesses, such as coronary heart disease. However, seniors who own pets have been shown to generally have lower blood pressure than those who do not own pets. In fact, research suggests that even just touching a pet can have beneficial health effects, and reduce blood pressure in the body.

3. Promotes living in the moment

Having the friendship and comfort of a pet by your side can be especially good for the soul, and promote living in the moment. Just knowing that they are there in the same space as you can be soothing and grounding. Knowing that another being is enjoying the warmth and comfort of your home or apartment makes us appreciate the space all the more, not to mention has a positive effect on our mentality.

4. Brings routine to your life

Another perk of owning a pet is that many of them require regular feeding and exercise schedules. Not only does routine keep animals composed, calm, and happy, it does the same for us, too!

While owning a pet might be too tiring for some seniors, maintaining a daily routine is a great way of taking care of our wellbeing. So, whether you have a furry roommate or not, creating a daily routine that motivates you to do the things you love can help you live your life with purpose, and pets are a grea way to achieve this.

5. Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle

Pets help increase our mobility and independence by motivating us to live healthy, active lifestyles. Sometimes we don’t realise that all we need to do to cure our fatigue, irritability, or gloomy mood is to go out for a walk and change our perspective. But when dogs feel restless, we are far more likely to notice their change in behaviour. Dog owners are far more likely to achieve their daily exercise goals. Going on walks together is not only a great time to bond with your pet, it will also help boost your spirits, and calm your nerves.

6. Reduces anxiety & eases pain

Anxiety affects the levels of pain we feel in our bodies. Whether the pain seniors feel is post-operative or arthritic, research has shown that pets can help to alleviate this discomfort and ease anxiety at the same time. Pet therapy even exists as proof of this theory, and is often used in hospitals and care homes to energise and comfort patients.

Owning a pet at Settlers

Here at Settlers, we know the positive role and health benefits that pets can have in our lives. If you’re considering moving into our Albany retirement village and want to bring your pet with you, get in touch with us today! We’d be more than happy to discuss our pet policy with you. In most cases, well-behaved cats and small dogs (who have been approved by management) are welcome on the premises, but this will also depend on the style of dwelling you choose to live in.