How to Stay Active & Mobile in Retirement

We all want to relax in retirement, but there’s a reason nearly every retirement village in Auckland – and the rest of NZ for that matter – strives to provide facilities for keeping active. Simply put, staying mobile is great for both your mental and physical health, and can keep you looking younger for longer!

Many people who hit retirement age find that switching from a more active lifestyle to a relaxed one can actually be quite a shock to the system, and this is part of why exercise is so important. The level of activity that’s best for you will be unique to your situation, but it won’t need to be a massive amount. Often, it can be easy to figure out the optimum amount of activity for you, and the real difficulty lies in deciding what to do!

Do different kinds of physical activity

In many cases, your doctor will suggest activities that are a good match for your medical circumstances, and this is especially important if you are managing illnesses or injuries. But, if you’ve got the all-clear to simply pick something you’re interested in, we have a few ideas to spark your imagination below.


Yoga can be extremely demanding for those who take it very seriously, but for beginners, it can actually be a low-intensity way to stay flexible and mobile. There are no age restrictions on Yoga, making it a great form of exercise for the elderly. Yoga is often thought of as more of a philosopher than just simply exercise, but the fact is that it’s one of the best ways to stay in control of your body, and can be easy to start with.


Walking goes a long way toward good health—much more so than many people think. Walking for a few minutes every day can make a significant difference to overall health, relative to a sedentary lifestyle. Walking is also a great way to stay mobile because it can be social and practical. More often than not, it doesn’t feel like exercise.


Swimming is slightly higher on the scale of intensity than our previous two examples, but it’s still easy on the joints. This is why it’s a popular recommendation by doctors for rehabilitation and recovery from certain injuries. Swimming can also be social if you take classes with others. Here at Settlers Lifestyle Village, we have a heated pool on offer as part of our gym facilities, and many find it to be a great way to keep active.

Trying something new

We’ve already mentioned that staying active isn’t just great for your body, it’s also great for your mind. It’s very common for those in retirement to feel as though they need something new to occupy themselves, and most find that retirement is the perfect time for learning new skills or picking up new hobbies.

This is relevant to staying active, because you may find that new sport or outdoor activity is something you want to try. Alternatively, why not try a new outdoor activity each week or each month? Trying many new things can lead you to find a new passion, and once you’re passionate about something, it’s easy to stay active around it.

Most importantly, have fun!

The point of retirement is to enjoy yourself. Once you’ve found something you love, whether it’s gardening, golf, volunteering, or something else, you’ll be able to stay mobile, occupied, and satisfied with little effort. The truth is, no one is too old to get out there and keep active!

Here at Settlers Lifestyle Village, helping you stay active is a core priority. Browse our website to find out more about the facilities that make us one of the best lifestyle villages in Auckland, or get in touch with us to ask any other questions you might have!