A Guide to Retirement: Healthy Foods Your Body Will Love

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to longevity! Although eating the right foods won’t single handedly cure a disease or prevent dementia, a healthy diet packed full of nutritious goodness does have its merits. For those wanting to enjoy their independence while living in Settlers’ Albany retirement village to the fullest extent possible, read on to find out which foods are the most important to include in your diet to promote healthy digestion and overall wellbeing.

An apple a day…

Keeps the doctor away? Not exactly, but apples are an excellent snack for those trying to maintain their blood sugar levels, because the fructose and antioxidant polyphenols in apples help to slow the rate of sugar absorption, and balance the metabolic system! The full explanation doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way the classic saying does, though!

Apples also contain potassium and vitamin C, and are a brilliant source of fibre which works wonders for digestion, and can help to lower cholesterol.

Dark-skinned fruits & berries

Dark-skinned fruits and berries are a wonderful addition to your morning oatmeal, whole-grain pancakes, or yoghurt, but did you know they’re nutritionally beneficial, too? Packed full of antioxidants, dark-skinned fruits and berries can also protect and fight against cell damage in our body. The next time you feel like enjoying a sweet and refreshing snack, try raspberries, plums, cherries, or any other dark-skinned fruit or berry!


There’s nothing better than sitting down to a hot breakfast! If you love eggs, then you’ll be happy to know that eggs are a great source of protein, and they also contain vitamin B (choline), which is beneficial for both memory and stress management.

A cup of Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is not only good for you, but it can also easily be included in all kinds of meals, from pancakes, to cucumber salads, to curries! Yoghurt has many beneficial properties; it’s low in sugar and high in calcium and protein, and because of the digestion-friendly probiotics it contains, Greek yoghurt is also great for your gut health.

A handful of nuts

Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc. all provide a good source of fibre, fats, and proteins. The fats they contain are mostly monounsaturated fats, omega-6, and omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, with a small amount of saturated fat. They also contain a number of minerals and vitamins, such as magnesium and Vitamin E.


Asparagus is another excellent choice for seniors. While the vitamin A it contains provides a boost for the immune system and promotes eye health, the fibre in asparagus contributes to heart health and aids in the reduction of cholesterol. Asparagus also contains lycopene which is known as a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits; this can also help to lower the risk of certain types of cancer.

Salmon and other cold-water fish

Salmon and other cold-water fish, like tuna, halibut, sardines, and mackerel, all provide a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids while being low in unhealthy saturated fat. This makes them nutritious options that are good for the heart and brain. They are also a great source of selenium, vitamin D, iron, phosphorus, and iodine.


Shellfish are another excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Scallops, crabs, and oysters are a perfect choice for those who want to increase their iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B12 intake, which support the health and function of the brain.


Leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, turnip greens, and broccoli are an important component of any healthy diet. They are a rich source of minerals, vitamins, and fibre, while also being low in calories. They can also offer numerous health benefits, including lowering the risk of heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. According to a 2018 Neurology study, green leafy vegetables are also linked to lower levels of mental decline as we age.

A good cup of coffee!

If you love a hot cup of coffee in the morning, you’re in luck! Whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, coffee also contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and when consumed in reasonable quantities (between 1-4 cups a day) it can provide various benefits for our overall wellbeing. According to various studies, coffee may help to reduce the chance of developing a range of health problems, from Alzheimer’s disease and some cancer types to reducing the likelihood of strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes.

The best way to enjoy a nutritious meal…

…is in good company! At Settlers’ lifestyle retirement village, our community lodge is the perfect place to come and enjoy a light off from cooking. Our restaurant, café, and bar services offer delicious and nutritious options for residents and guests alike, so come relax, share a meal, and feel refreshed in the friendly and welcoming environment of Settlers lodge.

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