A Community Built on Care

When Settlers Lifestyle Village was first thought of all those years ago, owners Scott and Dave didn’t want to create just any retirement village – they set out to create a community based on care. That focus on care has informed the decisions that have built Settlers to what it is today and continues to guide us moving forward as we strive to ensure we’re providing a caring environment with our residents’ well-being at the centre every single day.

A caring design

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Our focus on care started day one, right from planning the design and development of the village. While other retirement villages tried to fit in as much as possible, we carefully considered how our decisions would impact the life our residents wanted to live, and to make sure the space felt safe, comfortable, and accessible.

Of course, modern homes and high-quality facilities were a given, but this also meant caring about all the details that add up to make a big difference to the overall feel of the community. Wider streets, considered property placement, and beautiful green spaces and gardens were all included to create a comfortable environment that would feel spacious and promote a sense of well-being and connection.

We also wanted to ensure that communal areas were added to facilitate community gatherings and provide relaxing spaces where all residents felt at home, with numerous recreation, entertainment and dining spaces, and even a men’s workshop and a beauty salon, all providing opportunities for socialising in a country club style setting.

“The gardens are beautiful and we can easily walk around the village”

A caring team

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At Settler’s Village, we don’t just employ anyone to be a part of our team. Our focus is always on choosing people who exemplify kindness, compassion, and understanding. We’re proud of how our staff who help make Settlers such a welcoming and caring place to live.

As well as being highly skilled at their jobs, our nurses, gardeners, housekeepers, maintenance workers, and support staff all really care about this community and the people who live here. They form strong bonds with our residents and go above and beyond their job description to make sure they’re looked after.

Our caring on-site nurses are available 24/7, and our apartments and villas feature multiple call buttons, giving you peace of mind that care and support is nearby at all times.

“We have 5 call buttons in our apartment. I pushed one by mistake once and the nurse was up in seconds!”

A caring community

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It’s always the people that make any community what it is, and we’re so happy that the people who call this place home are committed to supporting each other and making this such a great place to call home. We hear many amazing stories of neighbours looking out for each other and helping out. This is truly a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone feels valued. As one resident put it, “There is a lot of care here – a lot of caring people. If someone gets sick everyone cares and drops things off to people.”

“The owners Scott and Dave have put their heart and soul into this complex, and make sure everyone is happy and joining in. There is even a get-together for men, they bring us together for a meeting once a week. No one is isolated . . . You live longer if you aren’t [isolated]”.